The Finnish National Vocational Championship Taitaja2024 Kuopio will present unique opportunities in the field of vocational education to companies, students, teachers, guidance counsellors and the general public.

The best of their age group, from installer to customer servers and from drivers to coders, will go head-to-head at the Savilahti Campus in 50 different skill categories based on vocational upper secondary qualifications. In addition, comprehensive school pupils in grades 7–9 will compete in the Taitaja9 competition.

In total, there will be some 500 contestants in the major event to be held in May, and Kuopio will be filled with builders of the future and top experts. Several related events will also be organised alongside the Taitaja2024 competition all over the Kuopio region.

The Taitaja2024 Kuopio event is going to be attended by the most desirable employers and interesting partners, who will get to snatch up the top candidates and professionals – make sure you are one of them!

Join us and become a Taitaja2024 partner

By becoming a partner, your company will gain visibility in the top field of vocational education and training. We are opening the doors of vocational educational institutions in search of cooperation and true interaction.

Together, we will find enthusiastic and competent people for your company for cooperation in both educational institutions and partner companies.

As a partner, you will get to fully enjoy the Taitaja2024 event and gain the best benefits for your company from Finland’s largest vocational education and training event.

Get in touch with us today and let us start our journey towards the wonderful opportunities of the Taitaja2024 Kuopio major event.

Taitaja2024 Kuopio partnership packages

The partnership may include funds, machines, equipment, materials, services, work input or combinations thereof intended for the implementation of the Taitaja2024 Kuopio event.

The contents and returns of partnerships may vary between different competition categories.

Explore different partnership packages

As a partner, you can choose the partnership package best suited for your company or participate in the event in numerous other ways – we will tailor a package suitable for your company. Let’s work together to have a great competition in Kuopio!

Main partnership/calculated value €35,000


Visibility on the Taitaja2024 website

  • Logo displayed on all websites

A tent or stand at the event market

  •  A tent or stand for the duration of the entire event

Räätäli partnership/calculated value €3,000


Skill category visibility

  • Logo displayed on the skill category info screens

Visibility on the website

  • Logo displayed on the skill category’s websites.

Award partnership/value €1,800


  • Visibility at the award ceremony
  • Logo displayed on the skill category info screens

The award partner donates €1,800 in prize money to the winners at the Taitaja2024 award ceremony.

Judge partnership/calculated value €500


  • Logo displayed on the skill category info screens
  • Logo displayed on the skill category’s websites.

For more information, please contact

Partnership Coordinator

Sari Hartikainen

044 785 3196

Competition Director

Petteri Makkonen

044 785 3376

Main event partners