Process industry

The tasks in this field are based on a basic qualification in process industry.

The professional title for this basic qualification is process operator.

Description of the skill category

As a process operator, you ensure the smooth operation of industrial production. You monitor automated processes in various types of production and perform maintenance and repair work. The production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuels, cleaning agents, paints, paper, and packaging takes place in automated processes, and you are constantly vigilant in monitoring them, ready to perform maintenance and repair tasks as needed.

Skill requirements

With education, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge and skills in various situations during shifts. In your work, you’ll handle different chemicals, perform process adjustments, and be proficient in using various production automation systems. Under your watchful eye, pure water, energy, and heat can also be produced. The necessary qualities for the job include precision, attentiveness, as well as responsibility.

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