Retail Sales

The competition tasks of the skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in Business. The qualification title of the basic qualification is merkonomi.

The professionals of this vocation may work for example in customer services and sales, marketing communications, visual merchandising, service design, finance, and office or library services tasks in different organisations, in an accountancy firm or in finance departments of enterprises or organisations in different sectors.

Description of the skill category

The professional of customer service and sales is an multi-talent, who can work customer orientated in different kind of serving and saling situations and take profitable business and industry regulations into account. He also makes use of his language skills. The professional of customer service and sales can collect information from customers in customer service situations and make development proposals.

Competition is individual. Note that in this sklill only 3 competitors / educational institution can register for the semifinals.

Skill requirements

The skill category is based on the objectives and assessment criteria of the Vocational qualification in Business (merkonomi). The competition tasks correlate with the requirements for the grade Excellent in the modules Customer service and Sales of the basic qualification. The competition tasks consist of different customer service and sales situations.

The competitors can identify the customer’s needs, profitably sell products which are suitable for the customer’s needs and serve customers in a customer-oriented manner in different environments.

The competitors manage the service situations in one foreign language (English). The competitors are able to work in an entrepreneurial, economic and qualitative way, and their working is well-organised, initiative-taking and carried out with the appropriate equipment and devices, considering the work safety and sustainable development.

Skill category managers

Skill steering group

  • Elina Pentikäinen, Savon koulutuskuntayhtymä Sakky
  • Kari Soininen, Savon koulutuskuntayhtymä Sakky
  • Marjo Koli, Turun ammatti-instituutti
  • Minttu Lindholm, Turun ammatti-instituutti
  • Konsta Ojanen, Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy Winnova
  • Minna Taivassalo, Opetushallitus
  • Sanna Isrikki, Peeässä
  • Mikko Laakkonen, Palvelualojen ammattiliitto PAM

Partners of the skill

Main event partners