Responsibility in Taitaja2024

The Taitaja2024 event’s comprehensive responsibility plan highlights a wide range of responsibility-related themes that the event commits to. The plan has been developed into a broader entity than in previous years, the aim of which is to guide the realization of responsibility in the event. Responsibility is taken into account both in the planning and implementation of the event in accordance with Skills Finland’s guidelines. The plan takes into account ecological, social, cultural and economic aspects, and the focus of the event is the development of virtuality, the green transition of working life and the transition to sustainability, the low-carbon circular economy and cooperation with operators in the region.

In the planning of the event and sports, the implementation of sustainable development is wanted to be developed even more strongly as part of the Taitaja concept and it should be prominently displayed to the public. The Taitaja2024 event aims, for example, to achieve equality by offering equal opportunities to all participants and to ensure that students from all kinds of backgrounds and TaitajaPLUS competitors get an equal experience from the competition. The goal is to support all participants in developing their own professional skills towards a top level.

According to Anu Salo, project manager of Savo Vocational College, it is important that all Taitaja2024 organizers are familiar with the responsibility plan and act accordingly.

– The responsibility plan guides the planning, implementation and follow-up of the event, and proactive planning can significantly reduce the harmful environmental effects of events, Anu says.

Skills Finland’s communications manager Katja Katajam√§ki emphasizes the paramount importance of sustainable development and responsibility in the event. The Taitaja2024 event’s responsibility plan, which is broader than in previous years, serves as a strong foundation for future Taitaja events from now on, and Skills Finland is excited about this step.

– In Taitaja event Skills Finland also annually awards the sport that has best taken economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainable development into account in the implementation, tasks and evaluation of the sport, says Katja, who takes part on the Taitaja2024 event’s Sustainable Development Award Board.

The Taitaja2024 event is done responsibly together and proudly as professionals.

Anu Salo

Project Manager

044 785 4019

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