The finalists of Taitaja2024 have been published

The semi-finals of the Taitaja professional skill championship were held around Finland at the turn of January and February. 450 finalists will meet in May in Kuopio at the Taitaja2024 event.

Lauri Mutka, a student at Savo Vocational College, participated in the Taitaja2024 semi-finals of welding in January at Savo Vocational College’s Varkaus campus. Savo vocational college I Katri Bäck

The Taitaja semifinals were organized on January 29–February 2, 2024 all over Finland. More than 1,900 students registered for the semifinals and they competed in 50 sports, five of which are TaitajaPLUS sports for students who need special support. As a general rule, eight competitors compete in each sport in the final. There are 450 finalists in total.

Lauri Mutka, a student at Savo Vocational College, who participated in the semi-finals in welding, secured a place in the Kuopio finals.

– After the semifinals, the feelings are good, although I think I could have done a little better. Going to the final feels really good, says Lauri.

The names and sports of the finalists can be found on the Taitaja2024 website.

Taitaja2024 Kuopio is an opportunity to get to know Finnish excellence

The Taitaja2024 event will take place in Kuopio on May 20–23, 2024. The event locations are Savo Vocational College’s Savilahti campus and Kuopio hall. Three sports are carried out remotely. About 450 students from different professions will compete in the SC final of the professional skill.

In connection with the Taitaja2024 event, there will also be a Taitaja9 competition for middle school students.

A total of 50 competition sports will be seen at the Taitaja2024 event. The central themes of the event are a sustainable future and the development of virtuality. Themes are part of the event from planning to execution. In addition to the competitive sports, the professional shows feature current themes – the professional show sports include the process industry, aircraft maintenance and jewelry manufacturing. The Taitaja2024 event is an open and free event for everyone and an opportunity to learn about top Finnish expertise.

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