Contestants sign-up for the Taitaja2024-semifinals

Vocational education and training’s largest event Taitaja is held in Kuopio from May 20th to May 23rd 2024 and the semifinals for the event are held all over Finland from January 29th to February 2nd 2024. Taitaja 2024 Kuopio -competitions semifinal sign-up time is from October 2nd to November 3rd.

Semifinal sign-up is done by a registration correspondent named by the education provider, who has been given credentials for the registration system. If the school does not have a registration correspondent, the matter must be notified about via email sent to

Taitaja2024 Kuopio skill events can be found from the seperate skills list and from Taitaja2024 Kuopio-website at

Important dates


Sign-up for the semifinals begin


The date until which the registration of new competitors, guardians and team leaders is possible. The information about the registered participants must be in the registration system by November 3rd 2023. Information can be added until 6.12.2023.


The information about the registered must be filled. The amount of competitors is binding from this date, a sign-up fee is collected based on the amount.

Age limits for the Taitaja-competition and other terms for competing

Taitaja2024 is a vocational skills event meant for the vocational students that are turning 22 during the year of the competition (born in 2002) or for people younger than that. The competitor must be in vocational education during the sign-up period for the semi-finals.

Some of the skills have exceptions when it comes to the age limits. In event-specific non age limited skills the competitor has to be studying for the vocational qualification of the said profession. Permanently non age-limited skills are floristry and cleaning services, where the competitor can study for the vocational qualification. All the non age-restricted skills can be checked for a seperate skills list, found towards the bottom of this site.


Participating in TaitajaPLUS-skills is open for anyone in vocational education, who has received special support or intensive special needs support. Using aids or having an assistant with you must be notified about during the sign-up phase (Need for special support). The right to compete has been further specified in the rules of the competition. TaitajaPLUS-skills are always non age limited.

Sign-up fee

A sign-up fee is collected of the registered semifinal competitors. The fee is collected by Skills Finland ry and it includes the right to compete in the semifinals and finals, in case the semifinals result gives the right to enter the finals. The sign-up is binding from December 6th 2023. The sign-up fee for competitors whose entry is cancelled after this date must still be paid.

Sign-up fee of the competitors

The sign-up fees are the responsibility of the school sending the student.



Taitaja2024-competition semifinals are held on week 5 from January 29th to February 2nd 2024. Competitive skills, skill descriptions, semifinal times, places and sign-up restrictions are announced on the Taitaja2024-website at

More information


Sari Mäenpää
+358 46 875 2763

Matters concerning the registration system:

For competitors

By signing up to the Taitaja semifinal the student accepts that photographs and video are taken of the competitors during the Taitaja-semifinal and the Taitaja-final. The photographs are used by the releases of Skills Finland, Taitaja2024 Kuopio, and its partners.

The student is aware, that the competitor names and the name of the community backing them up are released on Skills Finland and Taitaja2024-websites.

What exactly is Taitaja?

Taitaja is a large vocational education and training event, that was first held in 1988. In Taitaja-competition, the young people studying in vocational education compete for Finnish Championship medals in skills based on different vocational qualifications. The background organization of the event is Skills Finland ry.

Important dates

Additional information

Non age restricted skills

Pair skills

Restrictions related to semifinal sign-ups

The participant amount for semifinals has been restricted in some skills.

301 Retail Sales

3 participants per school

401 Cabinetmaking

3 participants per school

310 Entrepreneurship

3 pairs per school

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